Lake Fees/Permits


  1. A NC fishing license is required. Licenses can be obtained at Walmart, K-Mart, Dick's and other stores selling fishing supplies.
  2. Beaver Lake is catch and release only
  3. A Beaver Lake fishing permit is required. You can fish any single day for $5. The daily permit can be obtained and paid for using the self-service box in front of the Warden's office.
  4. An annual fishing permit is $50 and can be obtained by appointment with the lake Warden at Check or cash only.
  5. Children under the age of 16 fish for free with a permitted adult.
  6. A liability waiver must be submitted to the warden.


  1. No fuel powered craft allowed.
  2. No daily permits.
  3. An annual permit of $50 is required and can be obtained by appointment with lake Warden at Check or cash only.
  4. All NC-mandated safe boating practices must be followed, e.g., there must be a PFD in the boat for each passenger and everyone under the age of 16 must wear their PFD.
  5. All crafts, e.g., paddle boards, etc., must be permitted.
  6. A liability waiver must be submitted to the warden.


  1. Asheville City laws regarding animals apply to residents and visitors at the lake or in the neighborhood. Some of these restrictions for dogs include:

    • All dogs must be on leashes unless they are on your property. This includes dog walking on neighborhood streets.
    • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets when not on the owner's property. (Bags and dog waste receptacles have been installed at the lake for this purpose while walking dogs in the park.)
    • Animals may not behave in ways that constitute a public nuisance or endanger others or their property.
    • Violators will be asked to leave, and will be reported to the police or Animal Control Board of the City of Asheville.
  2. A permit is required for any dog being walked at the lake.
  3. Permits are $50 per dog annually for non-residents and can be obtained by appointment with the lake warden at
  4. Permits for residents are free of charge.
  5. Permits must be renewed annually.

Rules & Regulations

To keep Beaver Lake safe, clean, beautiful, and enjoyable for residents and guests, fees, rules and regulations apply:

  • Permit is required for boating and fishing.
  • Pets must be leashed.
  • Pet owners must clean up and properly dispose of waste.

The following are prohibited:

  • Littering.
  • Vandalism – such as graffiti.
  • Loudly playing instruments – stereos and other sound making instruments.
  • Feeding of waterfowl and other wildlife.
  • Swimming.
  • Ice-skating.
  • Use after dark.

Violators and trespassers are subject to prosecution.